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PJ Leafleting

Offers an effective and cost-conscious method of marketing to the locality. We have a trusted delivery team, and ways of auditing and ensuring that your message gets posted through the right commercial and household doors.

We are one of North Staffordshire and South Cheshire’s most successful and professional leaflet delivery companies, working with local and regional names, and national brands on publicity drives, and on public sector information campaigns and product promotions. We are used and trusted by some of the most prominent brands in the country, and form an important part of any information or advertising campaign.

PJ Leafleting delivers leaflets, catalogues, flyers, samples and full size free products (subject to suitability): and we work direct or with advertising and promotions agencies. We can also offer tracking and audited delivery information. And there’s nothing more valuable than our own local knowledge.

Key aspects of the PJ Leafleting service:

  • Accurate and effective audience targeting
  • Intrusive and efficient campaign execution
  • Honest auditing and assurance of delivery
  • Professional and successful campaign approach
  • Cost-effective marketing, advertising and communications platform
  • GPS Tracking

Visit our schedule page for local deliveries to see where we are or talk to us today on
01782 834840

info@pjleafleting.co.uk do discuss how we can make your marketing work harder.

Clients GPS Tracking Map


GPS tracking is used during the leaflet distribution.
Click on map to see the detailed delivery route taken and tracked.