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Leafleting distribution advice

Leaflet distribution generates results plain and simple. Whether you are looking for a sustained custom from your clients or a big hit for an upcoming event, leaflet distribution can give your business that edge you need.  However, a leafleting campaign takes planning in order to get the best result and one should not approach this process lightly. Once considered ‘poor mans advertising’ it has now been embraced by many companies as an essential part of their marketing mix. To get your campaign off to a flying start here is a few things you can do.

The Message
When designing your leaflet, always sell the benefits of the service you are offering. Let the reader feel an emotion tied to not having what you are selling. Ninety five percent of businesses make the mistake of selling a feature of their product instead of how it will enhance the life of the customer.

The Leaflet
Knowing what size and colour to use to best describe your offerings can be tricky. One thing to always keep in mind is the use of space. People will generally glance over an advertisement, to find trigger words. If your leaflet is too cluttered, these words will be missed and the rest of the message discarded. Google is a prime example of how white space can be used effectively. Also remember that your leaflets are being pushed through letterboxes. Having your leaflets torn as they are pushed through because of the size is not the best ‘first impression’ you want to give to a customer.

The Distribution
When thinking about distribution there are two options that are available for you to use, Multi Mix & Solus. On a multi mix distribution your materials will be delivered with up to four other leaflets. This method is cheaper and although your message will be delivered with other companies leaflets P J Leafleting guarantee that we will not mix you with a competitor or same business type.

The Distribution Day

Following on from the last tip, the day you distribute your leaflets will also have a significant impact on how well your message is received. If possible get a hold of the distribution date of other local newspapers and magazines, then try to distribute on a different day. That way you will quickly improve the chances of getting your material read and your sales pitch onboard.

The Season
Some businesses have a seasonal cycle with low points throughout the year. If you are starting up and do not know your cycle you could be planning a poor campaign no matter what you do. It is important to know when customers are most likely to buy what you are selling and only doing can proper research can you know this.

Finding a bargain
Many companies often think that cheaper is better, but this is not the case. Paying for cheap distribution will often lead to your materials being thrown away. The job of leaflet distributor is very tiring and is indeed hard work. Just like any other business it is essential to keep workers motivated and paying them poorly is not a good way to achieve this. If you pay a company less than minimum wage to have your leaflet distributed, not only are you helping to break the law, you are also being instrumental in the demise of your promotion by further encouraging a lack-luster performance.